True Love

The Desperate Artist · True Love

True Love exist!

Text & Music, All Vocals, Guitars: Ari Politi

Produced by Tamir Kaliski

Video by Huiwen Wu


This is a story about a girl, that I’ve recently met,

She’s a modern ‘Princess Bride’, more like a baronette,

This one is very special, and I’ll tell you why,

She’s the kind of girl who at the same time is naughty & shy,

She brings an end to all the troubles, so sweet & pure,

She’s really not what I had on my list,

But hey – now I know for sure – that true love exists,

So we went out for a dinner, in a magical place,

When I whispered that I love her, she laughed at my face,

The waiter said ‘it’s time to order’, so we went for the fish,

‘Will you love me forever’ she asked, I answered ‘as you wish…’,

She brings an end…

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